Instant 24X7 money transfer to any bank account in India. No need to walk-in to a bank branch!

Gone are the days when people used to stand in que to transfer and send money to their bank in other states of india , Most of the migrate labours do not find time to remitt money during the working hours of the bank. Now through our service we have made it extremely easy as the customer can visit any PAY SIMPLI Outlets give the Beneficiary bank account and Cash to our registered outlet. Our agent transfers the money to said bank account. This is an Simplified Money Transfer during Non Banking hours of the bank.

Using this service, you will now be able to receive or send money even on Sundays and Bank Holidays or late at night. The money is credited in to the beneficiary account instantly. And this is called IMPS (Immediiate Payment Service) from PAY SIMPLI

This service is extremely successful in Delhi , Mumbai , and state capitals of india. This is because the state capitals of India attract lot of migrate labours into the city. Delhi Money Transfer , Mumbai Money Transfer business is huge interms of volume. Sending and Receiving money within india is called Domestic Money Remittance DMR DMTS

This service is comes into the market with association Banks , and NPCI issued PPI Licenses from RBI. We have extended those services to the market using software connectivity called Money Transfer API or Domestic Money Remittance or Domestic Money Transfer. we inturn this service in the market through a distribution channel and making our own direct channel. The agents use our service. We offer best customer support our agent and distribution and api partners. We are fastest growing money transfer company in All india and Delhi & NCR


IMPS (Imediiate Payment Service) from PAY SIMPLI in association with Bank and other License players is an instant real time inter-bank electronic fund transfer service.


National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a payment transfer facility,which is vailable in the banks and now available with PAY SIMPLI, now such transactions can be done PAY SIMPLI Registered outlets.


PPI stands for Prepaid Payment Instrument- This issued by RBI. Our partners have been issued licenses from RBI in association with NPCI.


DMR API stands for Domestic Money Remittance - means through this service customer can send money within india and not international. So called As Domestic Money Transfer Service (DMTS) .